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eclipsed_ooc's Journal

Heroes Eclipsed; OOC
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They thought they were just like everyone else, until they awoke with extraordinary abilities.

From the Cheerleader who discovers she cannot be killed, to the office worker who can bend space and time, something is happening. Something is evolving These people will not only change the face of the world as we know it, they are destined to change the course of humanity's Evolution.

It's happening all over the world. They're here. Among us. Living Proof that there is something beyond the normal human spectrum. From the beatcop who hears the thoughts of others, to the two brothers in New York who share an amazing power, they're special.

This is their Out of Character Community. This is the OOC Community for heroes_eclipsed, the first ever Heroes Roleplaying Game on LiveJournal. You Must join your characters here before you do anything else to recieve important annoucements, hiatuses, etc.